Week 7

I Love Typography Menu on top, rollover changes color. Plain, use of whitespace, black text with some red text here and there

I Love Typography: 15 Examples of Excellent Web Typography Would have been better if they explained what was so great about these examples.

Typographica A graphic with “Typographica” runs along the top of the page, gray with white letters. The rest of the page is divided into two columns. Print is black with links in light red. The bottom has examples of type.

Planet Typographyhad orange blocks with curved edges. The colors were orange and shades of purple. I liked the history of different fonts, even though it’s not important in the scheme of things. I want a font that works well. One problem I had was the dead links. Compared to other typography sites we had to look at for this week, I think this one was my favorite.

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